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Career Counselling

Discover your ideal future with Prof. Narsee’s career counselling

Our career counselling service has helped tens of thousands of individuals from all walks of life achieve real career success and personal fulfilment as a
direct result of our specialist careers advice services.

Career counselling is designed to help you to make the right decisions, now and for the future. Every career choice can seem a daunting challenge. We
help you to gain control and clarity of your career development and direction, and help you in deciding the study courses most suitable to you.

• I help that I want a fulfilling career. Can you me clarify my strengths and weaknesses, so will make my choice wisely?
• I have never had the chance to talk over my career aims objectively. Can you help me do this?
• I feel at a career crossroads. Can you help me decide which way to go?
• It now seems the right time to make a definite decision for myself. Can you help me gain a sense of direction?
• I am fairly sure I want to study abroad. But I am not certain which Country should I choose to pursue higher studies. Can you help me decide?
We can help you analyse your current situation with total honesty and confidentiality and talk through your career issues and options with an
objective, non-judgemental, highly-qualified professional. You will be astonished at the accuracy, insight and detail with which we assimilate the career and personal issues you face.

You get to know yourself better, unearth dormant talents and qualities, have a real confidence boost and find a better sense of direction for your career, as a result of our counselling.
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