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The GRE is the Graduate Record Examination and is required for students applying for a Master's or Doctoral degree. The GRE is a competitive examination and requires 3 months preparation.

The total score of the GRE is 1600; each section is on 800. Different schools have different GRE score requirements. Some colleges require a combined minimum score of 1100 on the verbal and quantitative sections. In popular majors such as computer science or the engineering fields, the competition is tough since the applicant pool in comparatively larger. Hence students must strive to cross the 1400 mark. Your scores better your chances for as assistantship. The GRE score is valid for 5 years. The GRE test is India is now a computer-based test. Thanks to online testing students can now take the GRE all year round. There is no specific test date or test month neither are there any registration deadlines. Plan your test well in advance to meet all your financial aid deadlines.

The unique feature of the GRE computer based test is that it is adaptive. The initial questions are of average difficulty. On the basis of your answer you will be given a question of a higher or lower level of difficulty. You cannot move on to the next question until you have answered the one displayed on your screen.
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