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Get Started

Get Started – The College Application Process

Start here and begin following our recommended procedure on every aspect of the college admission process. The entire process might take much longer than you think. An expert guidance of ‘Prof. Narsee’ is a must to help you succeed with your career goals.

Below is our condensed list for completing the college application process. The tasks are listed in chronologic order.

1. College Search
2. Search 10 colleges / universities
3. Finalize your student resume.
4. Decide on your student theme to incorporate into application materials.
5. Register to take (or retake) the ETS tests.
6. Decide on which application schedule is best for you – Early, Regular, Rolling or Late (Early is STRONGLY recommended).
7. Print paper copies of application materials for all colleges and universities you will apply to OR apply online.
8. Fill out paper copies of college applications by hand.
9. Write college application essays.
10. Proof-read college application essays (at least one adult should proof- read each essay).
11. Request official copies of grade transcripts from your high school and community college (if you completed a community college class).
12. Create a list of adults you will ask for letters of recommendation.
13. Request letters of recommendation from adults (teachers, counselors, employers, other).
14. Completed letters of recommendation and Recommendation Forms should be returned to students for mailing to colleges with other application materials, or mailed directly to colleges by teachers/counselors/employers.
15. Finalize college application essays.
16. Verify ETS scores have been sent to all colleges and universities you are applying to.
17. Submit college applications online with essays pasted into application spaces provided.
18. Gather all other required college application materials (i.e., Recommendation Forms, student résumé, official transcripts, other).
19. Photocopy all paper college application materials.
20. Mail all paper college application materials i.e., Recommendation Forms, student résumé, official transcripts, other).
21. Watch for decision letters to arrive.

This list is by no means all-inclusive. We have helped our clients through many other college-related issues. Every single day we at ‘Prof Narsee’ handle innumerable 5 to 15 minute phone calls from clients who have questions on a variety of college admissions, majors, social life, and other college-related topics. So if you have some admission issues before you, give us a chance to provide you with a solution either on behalf of a client or through our own experiences.
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