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Prof. Narsee born on 6th January, 1950 in the Western Indian city of Baroda, did his Bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Engineering with distinction. Later, he did his post graduate diploma in management studies from University of Mumbai. Next, he had forex training at 'Amex Forex Services Ltd. - San Glandele, Los Angeles, U.S.A. Constantly he keeps enriching knowledge from various directions. With these long 45 years of study experiences, he has in-built a strong foundation so as to motivate and uplift the students morale.

      Prof. Narsee holds totally34 years of world-wide work experiences including 7 years in Japan, 4 years in U.S.A, 1 year in Europe. Besides business he also tripped to Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong & South Korea.

The international culture, work study procedures and the sense of inner responsibilities are parted to the new blend of Indian students having foreign dreams. The history, geography and international cultural behaviours are being made aware of, to his students.

A majority of the students are still bound by the myth that education overseas is an impossible and unachievable dream. Unlike in the past where only a few students had access to information on education abroad today there is tremendous scope and and opportunity for students to seek education at an internationally recognized University. The pursuit of an academic program overseas is one that is both rewarding and enriching. Rewarding in the sense that it improves ones job prospects and enriching as it transforms and broadens one's outlook to life.

Life becomes paradise for today and all your future when a student catches the strong elephant hand of the great guru - Prof.  Narsee. The above saying is commendable from the past experience to work over 1000 students who could shape theirs lives and move on to the best education and career options.

Most of the students have been monitoring the day to day life style and business affairs of their parents, very close range, and thereby fed baffled to decide an interesting and prospectus career most suited to them. But with their prematured age and academically over-strained mind can find nobody better then Prof. Narsee.

The world is an ever-changing phenomenon of new requirements with the changing technological and bio-medicals needs. The 21st century is becoming more challenging with the globalisation criteria and the new world equation - whereby the old economist are under constant create in finding and possibly India, in China can be super powers 2 to 3 decades from now. The personality education one posses. The true personality can take it throne when a person is equally blended with academic extra-curricular activities and society norms. In purview of vast consideration a tailor-made approach is made for every student by Prof. Narsee directly into the career guidance.
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