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So, you are serious to go to the University of your choice. You?ve made a wise decision, because we help you to achieve your University admissions goal. We help you score your best on the SAT-II.

An SAT-II  Subject Test tests your knowledge of a subject and your ability to apply that knowledge. Unlike the SAT-I test, an SAT-II test is curriculum-based and is intended to measure how much you have learned rather than how much learning ability you have. 

Universities use SAT-II: Subject Tests to predict an admission candidate?s future success on the level of work at their University. Remember, by appearing for SAT-II subject test, you are put on priority of the University admission list and also have the fair chances of getting financial aid to the maximum. The SAT-II is not required for admissions purpose by all Universities, but your appearing for SAT-II, maximises your admission chances along with the highest possibilities of financial aid, being awarded to you. We recommend all of our students who have enrolled for SAT-I, to take SAT-II Subject test as well, regardless of which Universities they apply. The University admission committee believes that an application is improved by SAT-II: Subject Test scores even when a college does not require them, because the test allows the candidate to demonstrate proficiency in the areas of his or her greatest strength.
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University admissions committee generally regard achievement test scores as ?confirming? evidence to be compared with high school grades, the level of courses taken, and SAT-I scores. The scores are used not only as a measure of knowledge but also as a means of interpreting the high school record. High scores in SAT-I and SAT-II with average grades in School and College means the applicant is seeking a more demanding University, which offers a challenging program to competitive students. In general test scores are more important than your past academic records in high school. 

When can I take the SAT-IIs?
Most of the SAT-II : Subject Tests are administered six times a year: in October, November, December, January, May, and June. A few of the Subject tests are offered less frequently. You can take up to three Subject Tests on the same day. If you register for the Writing Test, it must be taken first on test day.

How do Universities use the SAT-IIs?
Many people will tell you that the SATs (I and II alike) measure only your ability to perform on standardized exams ? that they measure neither your reading and thinking skills nor your level of knowledge. Those people are absolutely wrong. Remember, the Universities that require SATs feel that they are an important indicatotr of your ability to succeed in their University. They, specifically use your scores in one or both ways:

1      To help them make admissions decisions
2      To help them make placement decisions
3      To grant you Financial Aid / Scholarships 

How do the SAT-IIs Differ from the SAT-I ?
SAT-I is largely a test of verbal and math skills. It is designed to measure how well you read and think rather than what you know. SAT-IIs are very different. They?re designed to measure what you know about specific disciplines. Sure, critical reading and thinking skills play a part on these tests; but their main purpose is top determine exactly what you know about writing, math, history, physics, chemistry, biology, and so on. Colleges use your SAT-II scores in both admissions and placement decisions.  

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