Sachin Bhosle - MS Architecture - Harverd University- MA

Upon visiting the ‘Prof. Narsee’ Institute, I was overwhelmed with the quality of the service offered and the overall commitment to helping me succeed. It has been a life changing experience for me.

So what they say is true: you can read all you want about different counsellors on websites and advertisements, because so much of what is in the media is incorrect. But until you go to ‘Prof. Narsee’ and experience it you won't really understand the commitment and dedication he puts personally to help us achieve our goals. He helped me learn my strengths and weaknesses and strategize my future.

To conclude, I am so proud and appreciative for Prof Narsee and highly recommend him for realizing your dreams and making them succeed. Thank you so much, Prof. Narsee !
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Ashish jain - MS - Information System - Northwestern University - MA

At first, I was extremely nervous about going abroad. Prof Narsee gave me the opportunity to explore that gray area of my life called 'The Comfort Zone.' He brought me out of my comfort zone and made me analyze my potential and me realize the importance of having overseas education and the
rewarding future.

I don’t think any other educational counselor would have done the same. My experience with ‘Prof. Narsee’ has provided me a huge opportunity for my
personal growth and development.

For me personally, studying abroad in United States of America allowed me to glimpse the kind of future I might want to lead. I'm a more independent and stronger person for the experience.

It was an extremely rewarding experience having Prof Narsee as my mentor and career advisor.
Ramona Periere - MBA - Michigan State University - MI

Thanks to Prof. Narsee for boosting my morals and getting me admission to university of my dream. When I landed in America the first time I was a more
confident and mature individual with a better understanding of who I am and where I want to go in life. I remember his words that truly touched my heart
– “An international education is invaluable in a quickly globalising world -
definitely step out of your comfort zone and study abroad”.

Prof. Narsee always used to say that studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime and you will love every minute of it. The experience you get from studying at a foreign university and travelling around is one you will remember forever. You should not miss out on the opportunity of enrolling with Prof Narsee, if you have a serious intentions of studying abroad and stabilizing your future goals and ambitions.
Vaibhav Varshney - MBA - Lehigh University - PA

It would be no exaggeration to say that my experience with ‘Prof. Narsee’ has been the most valuable life-changing and maturing experience of my life. He altered my thinking by making me feel more independent, socially-confident and motivated in all aspects of life related to studying in foreign country.

While studying in a foreign country can be sometimes difficult, lonely and challenging, but with Prof. Narsee’s career guidance, it made me realize that
studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime and you will love every minu te of it.

The experience you get from enrolling with Prof Narsee is one you will remember forever. You should not miss out on the opportunity to join for Prof
Narsee’s services, if so you are looking forward to studying abroad.
Nidhi S. Joshi - BS - Elect. Engg. Georgia Tech - GA

I got to know about ‘Prof. Narsee’ Classes through a friend of mine, and she gave me very good feedback about it. I was a little apprehensive initially, as their office was not close to my house and I would not be able to visit them frequently. But I must say that I worried for no reason. Mr. Narsee was very professional, and always available to help. While filling up the applications, I used to have doubts about the smallest of things; Prof. Narsee was always available after office hours over the phone and they gave me immediate replies for all my queries. He knew that we are new to the application process, and they are very patient with all questions. What I liked most about him was that he personally attended to every student, unlike other counselors. I would like to thank him for his support and guidance. It was very reassuring to know that he was personally there and available to guide me through the entire application process. I strongly recommend ‘Prof. Narsee” classes to all aspiring students who are looking for good and genuine counselors.
Mayuri  P. Unhale - MS - Comp. Sc.

Unlike other counsellors, Prof. Narseee first came across to me as a modest and simple person. I took his counseling services on a recommendation from a friend and have no regrets. I am currently pursuing my MS in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Right from shortlisting universities, drafting the SOP and recommendation letters, Prof. Narsee and his team gave me their 100% and in a timely manner.
Personal time, simplicity and prompt responses are some of the things I was looking for, and they delivered. Their guidance at every step right from the selection of colleges to Visa interview was very good. I found Prof. Narsee to be amazing and genuine guide. He was always available through phone or internet to even solve the most trivial issues. Thank you for all your help. Finally, I would recommend Prof. Narsee to all who want to secure an admission in a good university in USA.
Mohmad Quereshi - MS - Comp. Sc. - Colunbia University - NY.

Prof. Narsee and Bharat Narsee, both have contributed a lot towards me
finally accomplishing this much awaited "Columbia" dream of mine.

Right from my first day of joining, Sir has been with me as and when I needed him unconditionally. They solved my stupidest of the doubts with utmost patience. They are the only professional counselors in the city who personally attend to their students throughout and that’s something that was very important for me - dealing with Prof. Narsee directly and not with anyone else. Throughout the entire process right from university selection to getting the visa finally, Sir has given me very important inputs for which I really owe it to them.
Thanks a lot to both of you."
Abhijit Deshmukh - MS - Network Security - CMU - PA

Having secured decent marks in GRE (1280), I didn't think that I could get into the best universities of America. However, the first realization that I could actually break into the top 10 was only when I visited Prof. Narsee’s Institution. Where every other counselor, I visited told me to retake the GRE examination,Prof. Narsee actually gave me confidence that my academic profile was a good one. Sir was always available for all doubts. It was an experience that has taken me to probably the best university in my list i.e. Carnegie Mellon (CMU). Be it the statement of purpose or the recommendation letters, everything was dealt with in the best manner and with utmost consideration to every individual profile. It was an experience worth remembering.

I would recommend every prospective individual to join Prof. Narsee Institution. The cool, calm and composed manner in which Prof. Narsee and Bharat Narsee explain things is simple incomparable.

Thank You Sir for helping me and many other students and enabling us to conquer our dreams.
Lavina  Tekchandani - MS - IS, Tamu Collage Station - TX

I have been admitted to the top schools for MS in Information Systems Management such as CMU, Kelley, University of Washington, TAMU and others. This would not have been possible without the timely guidance of Prof. Narsee.

I was always interested in doing my higher education and they not only guided me in choosing the right course for my MS, which would be in parallel with my career and interests, but also ensured that I  completed my applications before time. They were always available in person and over the phone for any queries I would have during the application process. This made it very simple for me to complete all school applications before time. I was also confident at the end of the application process to get admits from all the schools Prof. Narsee had short-listed for me.

Prof. Narsee’s organized approach to the entire application process, availability at all times to answer any queries, follow-up to finish the applications on time and response to any other queries related to going to

the US makes him the best counselors in town.

I sincerely thank Prof. Narsee and Bharat Narsee for everything.
Pewan D. Vaswani - MS - Fin. Engg. - Cornell University - NY

I was looking to apply to US Universities for MS and I needed a counselor's help for the same. One my friends told me about Prof. Narsee and suggested I meet him. I went with my parents to meet him for the first time. Our interaction with Prof. Narsee made us feel we had made the right decision. He was very meticulous in his approach and had in- depth knowledge of the education system in the US. I wanted to apply for Spring but on reviewing my case he advised I apply for Fall. On his advice  and after considering options, I retook the GRE, got a good score and decided to apply for Fall. This proved to be a very good decision.

The SOPs and Recommendation Letters provided by him were indeed very well constructed and a reader's delight. The amount of research put in to help students with his queries is remarkable. He is open to queries at any time and provide timely and good advice for the same. All in all a great
association to have.

Thank You for all the Help, Prof. Narsee.
Indu Jain - MBA - University Of Mich - Ann. Arbor - MI

Counseling with Prof. Narsee was an immensely fulfilling experience. I had joined for both filling applications as well as for visa counseling. In both the cases, the experience was great. Their counseling was very effective  following which I landed up in the university of my choice that perfectly suited my requirements.

I think the USP of having him as the counselor was the fact that they are available 24x7 to solve any of the minutest queries. They were very helpful and extremely cooperative. During the entire process, right from helping with SOPs to filling out the application forms, the services provided were absolutely creditable. Visa counseling was equally commendable, as Prof. Narsee guided me through the entire procedure in every respect. There were minute details involved, and he helped me out through each of it. It was truly a great experience, I am completely satisfied with his counseling.