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Being one of the India's Leading Overseas Educational Consultants, we have helped thousands of students achieve their dreams. Since 1991, we have successfully placed our students to top 100 colleges and universities across the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Ireland , Australia and New Zealand. Our success is built on a long-standing commitment to the specific needs of our students.

Every month, over 10,000 people visit our website for help with education options for themselves or their children. Every year, hundreds of students choose to pursue their higher education through us.

More than half the world’s population is under age 30. This is a generation of youth filled with hope and anxiety, demanding their voices be heard. To
succeed, they will need leadership skills, community-building tools, cross- cultural understanding, and strong institutions. To achieve this goal, our mission is to provide our students with academically-rich institutions which focus on professional development and strengthen their leadership and career-specific skills.

At “Prof Narsee” we focus on a single purpose: to bridge the gap between the desire for human development and the ability to achieve that goal. We help students make the most of their international education experiences.

We wish you every success with your future studies!

Personalized Service

We provide personalized service to every student. We listen to your needs with our hearts, analyze your situation in detail and give our honest and feasible advice. With us, you can be assured that you are making sound decisions. Our services include:

University Application Service
When applying directly to an overseas university, the process can be complicated and confusing, not to mention the rejection fear. University admissions teams are assessing thousands of applications every week. Attempting to get answers to your questions about entry requirements, program details and your application status could take a while.

We make life easier for you. We can help you to apply to the universities and colleges of your choice in most cases. There are a few good reasons why you should use our university application services:

1. ‘Prof. Narsee’ has been working in this field for 39 years and has lived and worked overseas. He shares his true firsthand experiences; it helps you to make the right choice.

2. We send hundreds of applications every year. We understand what universities want to see on your application. We carefully check every detail of your application to maximize your chances of being accepted.

3. We completely assist you with your student visa application, accommodation booking and travel planning.
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Student Visa Application Service
Regardless of your nationality, you need a valid student visa to study in the United States of America, Canada, UK, France, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. With our student visa application services, we will explain the visa application process to you carefully, conduct mock interviews and guide you step-by-step. In most cases, we will prepare student visa application forms on your behalf to make sure every detail is correct for maximum success rate. You will have peace of mind with us!

We have a success rate of over 99%.
Study Abroad Benefits
Many students are unsure about going abroad at first. But after they return home they describe their trip as a life-changing experience and they want to go again.

By studying abroad you show initiative and eagerness to achieve personal and academically challenging experiences. There are a number of other benefits to studying abroad; however, there are also numerous challenges. Consider the pros and cons, and decide if studying abroad may be right for you.

•  Highest international acceptability and reputation
•  Top Ranking Institutions – almost half of the top 100 Universities are in USA
•  Opportunity of practical training during or after study
•  Financial Assistance - available for meritorious students
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